Australia Savanna Survival Guide

By : Rachel Saunders

The Crash!!!!

The crew and I crash on the continent of Australia. The climate is a wet dry tropical climate.We saw lots of wildlife and plants.

Temperature Range

61 degrees Fahrenheit - 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Survival Tips

1.Stay hydrated because if you don’t drink enough water you could potentially die.

2.Find a food source like deer, kangaroos, and crocodiles.

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More survival tips

3.Find shelter use a tree and bring an axe so you can chop down wood for your shelter

4.Stay away from poisonous looking things if you touch or eat something poisonous you could potentially die.

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A crocodile you could eat and you could kill it by bringing a gun or a weapon. A crocodile could eat you. It could be dangerous to eat.
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The climate is tropical with lots of wildlife and plants.

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You could use pine trees. Good for a shelter. You could eat some parts. It could be prickly.

No it is not poisonous.

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