WWDC Bike The Bridge

WWDC takes on the Golden Gate

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WWDC bike the bridge

Sunday, June 9th 2013 at 10:30am

Powell St & Market St, San Francisco, CA

Meet up at the Powell Street cable car turnaround and ride the Powell-Hyde cable car - or meet up at the Blazing Saddle's store at 2715 Hyde St.

Attending WWDC ? Come join us and ride across the Golden Gate Bridge !

Start off your WWDC week with a little gentle exercise and take in the sights of the city, including one of the world's iconic landmarks - the Golden Gate Bridge !

We'll catch the Powell St. cable car ride to Fisherman's Wharf, then hire bikes from Blazing Saddles, before setting off en-mass for a gentle ride along the waterfront. There's a short climb up to the bridge, then we ride across it and continue down to Sausalito where you can enjoy lunch before catching the ferry across the bay back to the city. The more adventurous can continue on a longer ride around to Tiburon and get a ferry from there.

Note this event is for Mac and iOS developers who are in San Francisco for WWDC (whether of not you actually have a conference ticket)

Who is organising this ?

Nobody really - this is just an informal way to get a group of fellow developers doing something together as a group the day before WWDC kicks off. There is no set agenda, and no formal organisation - you're free to tag along or head off on your own.

That said, the bikes need a deposit so if we book them as a group please be respectful to whomever put the deposit down !

Rough Agenda

10:30am - meet up in the queue for the Powell st. cable car

11:30am (approx) arrive at Blazing Saddles to hire the bikes and head on out

1:30pm - arrive Sausalito for lunch, beers, relaxing.

(whenever) stay as long as you like and catch the ferry back

(optionally) push on to Tiburon and ferry back from there (this option requires a bit of commitment and timekeeping - for the keen only !)

What do I need ? What does it cost ?

You need to be able to ride a bike (duh!). This is not a race - it's a fun day out socialising and sightseeing. You will need a minimal level of fitness, but that's it.

It's recommended to bring a drink with you, but there are a few places to buy one on route.

Costs are detailed on the Blazing Saddles website - it's approximately $40 each including return ferry fare, plus your cable car ticket.

We will get a 10% discount if we just remember to say "We heard this ride is downhill both ways" !

Exercising, really ?

A bunch of UK developers did this as a group in 2012 and it was great fun. You're going to spend the whole rest of the week sat down indoors in Moscone - get some exercise and sunshine first and you'll feel great !

Don't believe me - take a look at the feedback on TripAdvisor

Can I sue you if I fall of and hurt myself ?


This 'event' is just a convenience so that a group of us can do the same thing at the same time. You are not partaking of an organised event, and anything you do is at your own risk and responsibility.

Who are you ?

I'm Andy Rennard, an iOS contractor based in the UK. I've attended WWDC '08, '09 and '12 and I've biked the bridge twice (so far).