Men of Distinction

Vol. 1, Ed. 3 1.25.17

Mr. Owens believes...

"As a nation, we are in need of educating EVERY child to their highest potential. We need to offer an avenue of hope and accomplishment to help children reach their goals. Mentorship has always been a part of my life and I hope that I will be able to leave a legacy of building up children so they won't become broken men. May our children leave us and go out into the world and make it a better place." ~ Mr. Melvin J. Owens
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January 2017 Lunch and Learn

The Men of Distinction and their mentors had a great time breaking bread, catching up on stories from the holidays, and discussing the message from Mr. Andy Plunkett, Central Zone Leader and fellow mentor, over "Pathway to College". Mr. Plunkett spoke about planning, financial aid, and building a better future. The tips he gave the MoDs are priceless and we are so happy that he gives of his time to these young men. Mr. Owens also gave the MoDs a quote to place in their notebooks. It reads, "You don't get to choose to be an example, you only get to choose what kind". This is something that our gentlemen can reflect on daily as they go about their day.

Men of Distinction Lunch and Learn Schedule 2016 - 2017

September 2016 - Goal Planning and Accountability

Speaker: Jim Mustain

October 2016 - Resilience

Speaker: Doug Mulvihill

November 2016 - Resolving Conflict

Speaker: Shaabyi Gage

December 2016 - Communication Skills

Speaker: Leo Cardenas

January 2017 - Pathway to College

Speaker: Andy Plunkett

February 2017 - Integrity

Speaker: Ben Miller

March 2017 - Etiquette

Speaker: TBA

April 2017 - Time Management

Speaker: TBA

May 2017 - Honesty

Speaker: TBA

4th Wednesday's!

Our mentors meet with their MoD every 4th Wednesday of the month for a 1 to 1 session during lunch. Our mentor graciously bring their MoD their lunch and spend time communicating and reflecting on what it takes to become a gentlemen. This is also time to talk about school and reflect over their goals. Thank you mentors!
Marcus Smart: Mentor In Real Life

Men of Distinction and their mentors

Discipline and Consistency

I taught a lesson over Discipline and Consistency to the MoDs. I got the lesson from an article he read about the Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett. Coach Garrett operates on a "live in the moment" philosophy that he shares with his players and coaches. He understands bad things happen but we can not spend too much time harping over them. We have to learn a lesson from it and move on with our lives. So, it got me to thinking about discipline and consistency. We have to spend our time doing the right things over and over again. This type of behavior will pay off in the long run. Ask any successful person and they will agree with this line of thinking.

The MoDs also reflected over their biggest fear. What they could do to overcome this fear in their lives. Many of the MoDs had the fear of not living up to their potential. We talked about how discipline and consistency could combat this pitfall.