The role of American Women in WW2

By: Payton Adams & Mackenzie Dearing

American women during World War 2 significantly helped America win the war.

Women in their Homes

Women were always the manager of the home. the shortage of domestic resources effected women more heavily,as they had to take care of that. Women shopping as well as making meals for their families became more difficult, because of ration stamps and other rationing methods. This also effected women working outside of the homes, instead of taking care of their families. There were many propaganda campaigns that encouraged women to grow their own food in gardens (victory gardens), sew up clothes instead of buying new ones, walk to the store instead of driving a car. Doing these would raise money to contribute to war bonds, and to contribute to the war effort just in general, through sacrifice on the homefront.

Elenor Roosevelt

First lady Eleanor Roosevelt pushed women to have a role in our war. General George Marshall supported this idea.

"Rosie the Riveter"

In 1943 women held 65% of jobs, compared to the 1% in the pre war years. One of the main reasons this happened was because of the famous "Rosie The Riveter" recruitment campaign. This was based partly off of a real character, but it was a primarily fictitious character. This campaign was one of the most successful recruitment campaigns. It was advertised in many different forms, and was placed all around the US. This campaign helped stress the importance of women entering the workforce.

Women's Auxiliary Corps(WAC)

In may 1942, congress put into action the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps, later upgraded and became known as the Women’s Army Corps(WAC). This group had full military status. The members worked in 200 different jobs stateside in all different parts of the war. By 1945, there was more than 100,000 members.

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Women Accepted For Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES)

This group held the same social status as the US Navy Reserve. They provided Support in, and all around the border of the United States.

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Women's Air force Service Pilots (WASPs)

This was only for women who already had a pilot's license. They were the first group of women to ever fly military aircraft. This group transported planes from factories and bases via ferry. One reason this group was very significant to the outcome of the war was that it freed many male workers from their jobs, so they could fight at war. More than 1,000 women served in this group and over 38 of them lost their lives. However they did not receive much recognition because they were considered civil service employees. They also were granted no military honors or benefits. However in 1977, they earned full military status.

~Interesting fact: They attended a ceremony in the capitol, on march 10th 2010, and received the congressional gold medal; one of the highest civilian honors~

Their role in ww2 was crucial to the war effort, however their pay was still much lower than that of a male’s. They rarely earned more than 50% of a man’s pay.

Women's roles in Factories in World War Two

Woman in Factories

During ww2 many women began taking over jobs in factories. This happened because a large amount of men were called to fight for their country, leaving many jobs unfilled. Women helped create the machinery need at home, as well as at war in order to keep the country running. Although these women showed up every day and worked their hardest, they were still denied equal pay of that of a man. These women were essential to the supply of goods to our troops out fighting. After the war, when the men came back, they wished to keep their jobs, but were forced to go back to "female" jobs where they received less pay.
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Female Labor Workforce Statistics.