Monday Matters

May 15th, 2016


Thanks to our fourth-grade teachers and Zohaib for attending our LONG PTO meeting on Thursday!

Thank you to Vickie and Zohaib for your work with the Talent Show. Can't wait to see it!

Monday Meeting

I will be at a KIDS Assessment training until 4pm. Therefore, I will not be at the Monday Meeting, The expectation during the 3-4 Monday Meeting hour is that you work toward completing class lists in the LRC. Non-classroom teachers, please be in the LRC with classroom teachers to provide input. Please use the time wisely.

P.S. The KIDS Assessment is a new assessment that is required to be administered by all kindergarten teachers in the state of Illinois. The link below provides more information if interested...

PTO News

At our most recent PTO meeting, Cricel Molina de Mesa was named president for next school year. There are many unfilled positions and many positions in which the chair needs lots of help. There will be a big push for parent volunteers in the fall. Thanks so much to Vicki and Maggie for helping with spirit wear!!!

Secretary – Libbi Christman

Treasurer – Kevin Christman

President – Cricel Molina de Mesa

Vice-President, Programs & Dances – Mary Lawrence

Vice-President, Membership – OPEN (possibly cut position)

Vice-President, Ways & Means – Coleen Van De Walle

Hospitality – Cricel Molina de Mesa

Book Fair – Danielle Chesney/April Kaup

Concessions – Jill Ermitage

Box Tops – Danielle Chesney/Student Council?

Community Outreach – Sandy Grice

Cultural Arts/Assemblies – On hold

Fun Fair Committee Chair – Mary Lawrence (Danielle Chesney)

Health & Safety – Linea Brouwer

Manna – OPEN

Movie Nights – Amanda Stevens

School Supply Kits – Amanda Stevens

Spirit Wear – Teachers – Vickie Wright & Maggie Nickels

Volunteer/Room Parent Coordinator – Lori Spisak

Yearbook – OPEN (Student Council project?)


Please take the time to read the following article regarding school culture shared with me by a couple Meadowview teachers. As you know, spring in schools can be a tough time for ALL of us. Please support one another and assume positive intentions.

From The #1 Factor That Determines a Toxic or Thriving School Culture...

"It's Up To US.

When it comes to the success of an individual classroom, nothing is more important than the relationship between the teacher and the students. When it comes to the success of an entire school, nothing is more important than the relationship of the adults in the building. Conflicts happen when human beings work together. How we deal with those conflicts is where we have the power to truly shape our school's culture."

Notes and Reminders

  • If you do not get your position filled by a sub (for the School Wide PD), you'll have to stay back. So sorry!
  • Interested in a stipend position next year? Please let me know. Also, let me know if you're ready to give up your current stipend position.
  • I will be checking our clustering Google doc often to determine the progress of building class lists for next year. Please let me know how I can support you throughout the process.
  • I have been beyond impressed with those that are asking great questions regarding student growth. As you are well aware, STAR and AIMS are just a couple ways in which we track growth. However, it's still important to look for patterns and to adjust our approach based on outcomes. Thank you for your dedication and for going above and beyond to ensure growth. Thanks to those that have updated the data doc. Please continue to do so as results come in.
  • Pat Broncato will be visiting Meadowview for his annual spring visit on Tuesday, May 17th for certified staff. Please be in the LRC at 3pm.
  • Please continue to maintain a normal routine. If you plan any end of year activity/celebration, please get my prior approval. Also, please review the building expectations often with students. Their memories of being respectful, responsible, and safe are failing.
  • In your weekly communication to parents, please continue to remind them to register for next school year (especially if the following grade level will potentially split).

Coming Up...

For collaboration purposes, it's an A week.

Monday, May 16th

Feed My Starving Children Student Council Service Project

School Wide PD

SWAT and STAR Testing (SWAT schedule was shared via Google Docs)

KIDS Assessment PD (Reg out)

Monday Meeting (Certified Staff)

Tuesday, May 17th

School Wide PD

SWAT and STAR Testing (SWAT schedule was shared via Google Docs)

Admin Meeting (Reg out in AM)

Pat Broncato Spring Meeting (All certified staff please be in LRC at 3pm)

Wednesday, May 18th

School Wide PD

STAR Testing

Science Committee Meeting (Reg Out)

Sixth Grade Field Trip

Thursday, May 19th

School Wide PD

STAR Testing

Talent Show (Lunch begins early in classrooms. Details to follow.)

Reg in WESS negotiations

Friday, May 20th

School Wide PD

STAR Make ups

Benchmarking Window Closes

Sixth-grade DARE Graduation (1:15pm)

Mark Your Calendars...

May 23rd - Library books due

May 23rd - Data Reviews/Celebrations

May 23rd - Monday Meeting (all staff)

May 25th - Woodridge Public Library Program Presentation in LRC

May 27th - Field Day (Normal Lunch Routine)

May 27th - Last day of gifted services

May 30th - No School, Memorial Day

May 31st - Second Grade Field Trip (Arboretum)

May 31st - Board of Education Awards Ceremony (PM)

June 1st - GRADES DUE (8am)

June 2nd - All School Walk/Run, All School Picnic, Intermediate Awards Assembly

June 3rd - Return all chromebooks to LRC (with headphones and mice)

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