"Pearl Gem" News - March 2013

How are you going to make March count???

March Blooms with excitement, re-energizing and fresh starts!!!

Hi Pearl Gems!!
I want to commend all those who made their last couple of very 'cold' winter months work for them!! It was not an easy task to do....nobody wants to come out of their caves but many of you lured them with pretty sparkly things and made February work for your business!!!

MARCH MADNESS on NOW!! STOCKPILE your product credits! ALL Stylists can EARN $100's in FREE product credits....save them up for the Summer Capsule collection and oodles of summer totes coming out!!!! Our customers are waiting for these puppies!

Check Stylist Lounge for more details on all the FREE product credits you can get!


~Build it and they will come~ Field of Dreams

Monday, April 15th - BUILD IT BIG is coming to Toronto - one of FOUR North American stops! EEEKKSSS! It's almost like an exclusive concert date (OK, well maybe not that exciting).

You want to grow your business and team?? This is the training you WON'T want to miss!

For the first time EVAH, our VP of Field Development, Anita Krapata (who you see in all the BUZZ and training videos) is coming to Toronto to train us!

This will be specific to those who want to grow their businesses and learn to sponsor and PROMOTE before Hoopla, our HUGE (another not to be missed event) National Sales Conference in Vegas, July 15-17th!!!!!

So I give you permission to take the day off, call in sick, find a sitter...whatever it takes to come to training that day!! I'll buy the Starbucks coffee for everyone coming!!!

Watch for more details to register!!

HOOPLA!!! For ALL Stylists! National Sales Conference in VEGAS, baby!!! July 15-17th

Who's coming with me??? I am so excited to bring a bigger and even more fabulous team with me this year!
Early bird registration $199 gets you $300 in SWAG!!!! Register before March 31st!
Super affordable rooms starting at $79/night.

Do average of 3 trunk show/month from now till end of June. Save $25 from each trunk show and you will have paid off your hotel room!!!

We will have ONE team outting when we are there and then Stella & Dot takes care of the rest! Perhaps we will watch Australian strippers (Thunder from Down Under), catch a Cirque performance, go dancing, or find a fabulous restaurant.....we'll decide closer to the date!

Register here: http://www.cvent.com/events/joie-de-vivre-hoopla-2013/event-summary-93c9481d65d941adadaf3dd83136612b.aspx

Last Newsletter.....We're Moving FULL Tilt on our Facebook Team Page!

This will be our last official newsletter. I am streamlining information that can be communicated on our Team Facebook page to save time and work.

I will still communicate all the same info...and frankly, so much of it can be viewed in Stylist Lounge. But will start announcing incentives, Top 10s, New stylists and fun ideas only on Facebook.
If you do not have an account, I recommend one. Just register. Add me as a friend, Claudia Li-Gordon, and I will add you to our Team page. Facebook is also a FREE Social Media forum that can be utilized as a GREAT marketing tool to grow your business!!!

I am your upline and cheerleader....YOU are your own business owner!

I am here to support you every step of your business. I will cheer you on, I will brainstorm with you, I will help you out if needed, but you must come with your own DRIVE to run your business, positive attitude and a willingness to learn and grow with a new company!!

I am available for coaching calls: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080D4AA9AC23A31-claudias2