The Land of Stories

The Wishing Spell

The Book

The Land of Stories is a really good series. The first book in the series is the Wishing spell. It is about these two twins, Alex and Conner who use their's grandmother storybook called the Land of Stories. The book one night starts to glow and hum. Alex tests it out. She later on tell her brother Conner and he is so surprised. One day Alex goes home from school very fast and Conner is in the principals office for trying to protect their secret (the school doesn't know about the book though) he finally realizes why Alex rushed home so fast, she wanted to test it on herself. He rushes home to find out that he is correct, Alex is testing it out on herself. He opens the the door to her room and Alex loses her balance and falls into the book. Conner goes in after her and they are transported to the Land of Stories. The Land of Stories is the land of fairy tales after their Happily Ever Afters. Some things have changed, a lot like Goldilocks is a wanted fugitive, Red Riding Hood has her own Kingdom, and Cinderella is a mother now. Join Alex and Conner on their exciting adventure to get back home, meeting new friends, and changing the fairy tale world.
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These are the books in the series.