Kilgore ISD Libraries

Volume III Spring 2016

KISD Elementary Libraries

Check out the news below to see what is happening at our primary and elementary libraries.

CES students learning how to take care of Texas

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CES Bluebonnet/2x2 Party

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Groovy Book Fair at KIS

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Kilgore ISD Secondary Libraries

KMS Library

Our Groovy Spring Book Fair was only 4 days this time. We had a good time making everything groovy. Teachers got into the action by wearing anything groovy for a chance to wear jeans. Sales were slow at the beginning but picked up at the end of the week when 6th graders shopped. Our sales should be about $4,500. Below are pictures of the students shopping at the fair and the winners of our book fair guessing games: Ethan Drury, Kilee Menges, and Brook-Lynn Henderson

Our students are enjoying a project from Mrs. Venable's GT class. Her students for the last few years would read a library book and then write something about the book to encourage other students to read the book. This year they added a little technology to the folder, adding a QR code on the folder and we placed one in the book, also. Students can use their device to see a brief video the student made about the book. This really draws attention to the books. By placing the folders around the library we increase our circulation of those books and encourage students to read other books by those same authors.

Book Fair Guessing Game Winners

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Book Trailer Folders

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KHS Library

It has been a busy semester so far at the KHS Library. In February, Mrs. Cole attended the TCEA conference and learned a lot about emerging technology trends and the latest and greatest ideas for libraries. For more details about what Mrs. Cole learned at TCEA, please see her conference notes below.

The KHS Library has also thrown its hat in the ring for the grants being awarded by the KISD Education Foundation. If we are awarded any funds, we plan on using them to create a Makerspace in the library and to make our space a more collaborative place for students and teachers. We are excited about the possiblity of being able to modernize our library and have tentative plans in the works to collaborate with teachers on several projects during the 2016-2017 school year.

In February, Mrs. Cole also had the opportunity to visit New Tech High School in Coppell, Texas with a group of KISD and KHS faculty members. In addition, Mrs. Cole visited the White Oak Middle School Library with Lana Robinson, Mark Lane, and Charles Presley to see their Think Lab (a collaborative space used by both teachers and students). While we were there, we also got a first hand look at their MakerSpace set up. Lastly, we created a survey to see what students want to see in our library and had the project class led by Mr. Marshburn, Mr. Mohn, and Mr. Stanley take the survey. The condensed results of this survey are linked below. These visits and the survey results helped to inspire new ideas for the KHS Library, for the KHS campus, and for the KISD Education Foundation Grant.

We have hosted several guests this semester already including the U.S. Marines, the University of North Texas, Stephen F. Austin University, and an officer from the Kilgore Police department who spoke with our American Sign Language students about what it was like to grow up with deaf parents. We have also worked with Theater I students on family crest/ancestry research and physics and chemistry students on project research.

Currently, we are focusing on pairing down our reference section to help make room for a more collaborative space in the library. We also have plans to clean out and reconfigure our storage areas before Mrs. Cole goes on maternity leave. If you happen to come by, please pardon our mess during this time.