Egypt: Land of the Mummies

Egypt, a country of different culture. Egypt borders the countries of Lybia, Sudan,and Isreal. Located absolutlely 27.00 degrees North and 30.00 degrees East,making Egypt mainly dessert country.

n extremely populated city, it is also one of the biggest cities in the world. About 11,460,000 of Egypt's 85,294,388 people live in Cairo alone! Also about 21 percent of all Egyptian pounds are spent in Cairo. All of Egypt's population mainly feasts on bread, fish, rice, lamb, turkey, stuffed veggies, tahinas (a paste made from ground sesame seeds pictured below), yogurts, and cucumbers. Egypt has a republic type government and speaks mainly Arabic. There are also two main ethnic groups. 99.6 percent is Egyptian and 0.4 percent is muslim. They're literacy rate is 73.90 and life expectancy is 73.

Egypt is a country that believed in mummifying people so they could have a good afterlife. They also put things that were important to what that person was and did when they were alive. Paleontologists have even found chariots in ancient egyptian tombs. Enough about that, now its time to return to the world of the living. Egypts capital; Cairo, as pictured below, Is not only a

Egypt does have a superior gender, however. Females are accompanied by their brothers anywhere and are aways potected by a man in the family. The females play a speciic role in life. Though they are depndent on fathers, brothers, and eventually husbands, they are practically worshipped.


Egypt wears different clothing depending on what kind of town they live in. In large cities such as Cairo, the dress much like people in the U.S. or Europe. On the other hand, in smaller towns and villages, people have a much stricter dress code. The wear clothing that falls past their elbows and knees and women and young girls have to cover their hair.

Egypt is mainy a dry, barren land, being over half dessert you can understand how hot all of Egypt has to be. Having to mainly wear clothing falling past elbows and knees.


Egypt has a whooping population of 85,294,038 in a country of 384,662 miles. Egypts literacy rate is 73.90, while their life expectancy is 73.

Pictures Of Egypt

Three Interesting Facts


When Egyptian children lose a tooth, the put it in a pouch, throw it into the sun, and chant, "Sun, sun, sun! Replace this old mule tooth with a princess one."

The women are almost worshipped in Egypt

Egyptians wear clothing similar to the USA.

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