Amendment 1

Freedom of religion


All people have the right to believe in any type of religion they want to. No one can force you to be a part of any religion. You can be in any religion you want there are no religions that you are not aloud to be in. The government can not arrest you or force you to be apart of any type of religion. People have many different beliefs that are are respected.


Many people have beliefs that have been around for years and have been passed through generations of families. There are a lot of different religions that people believe in. Part of many religions have parties, cervices, different things they can and can not do.

Current Use

People believe in many religions. People have parties, services, baptisms, etc. for their religions. People have many different ways of their religion. Some people go to church or have to memorize certain parts in their religion. People celebrate many holidays based on their religion.


I think that it is very important to be able to be apart of any religion you want. I think it is an important part to people to make it a law so people can be leaded through what they believe in. No one should ever be able to tell you what religion you should be in and what religion you should not be in. Religion is very important to many people.