Take Shorter Showers!

How Reduce Your Ecological Footprint

Showers use to much water and energy!

How long are your showers? 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes? Did you know that every minute your shower is running it uses 7 gallons of water? That's like 56 bottles of water down the drain every minute! Did you know that the amount of energy used to heat that water could power 2560 light bulbs. Our showers use to much energy and water so today I'm going to teach you some ways to save water and energy and reduce your ecological footprint.
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Take shorter showers

One of the simplest ways you can reduce your ecological footprint is by taking shorter showers. According to a survey conducted by BBC an average shower time is around 20 minutes and during this time you use about 140 gallons of water. If you just take a 10 minute shower rather than a 20 minute shower you are saving nearly 70 gallons of water! By doing this you will greatly reduce your impact on the environment and reduce your ecological footprint.

Use less hot water

Another way to reduce your footprint is to use less hot water because heating water takes to much energy. Heating a single gallon of water uses about 890 Btu's (British Thermal Unit) which is equivalent to the amount of power needed to power almost 300 light bulbs!

Take less frequent showers

Finally you can reduce your footprint by taking less frequent showers. Instead of taking a shower everyday you can take a shower every other day and by doing this you may cut your water usage in half which will also reduce your water bill. If you start taking a shower every other day you will be saving on average more than $700 each year. Doing this also leaves more water for other chores around the house like laundry or cooking.
After reading this I hope you have learned many different ways about how you can reduce your ecological footprint and that you will use what you have learned today to start making the world a better place one shower at a time.