Turner Syndrome

The Genetic Disorder

What is Turner Syndrome?

Turner Syndrome is a disease that affects about 1 in 2,500 girls. Researchers doesn't know what causes this disease but it has to do with girls or women's chromosomes. It could cause a lot of medical and development problems. Here is a picture of what turner syndrome does.The one on the right is a normal hand and the one on the left is a symptom of turner syndrome.


Some symptoms of Turner Syndrome are kidney problems, high blood pressure, hearing loss,and overweight.Also a "webbed" neck, low hairline on the back of their head, low eyelids, and different shaped ears.Turner Syndrome can cause a girl/women looks or even develops. A lot of people who have turner syndrome can not grow fully. Meaning they can't grow taller.


This type of disease is related to X chromosomes.This means that each cell in the individual body has only one copy of the X chromosome instead of the usual number.

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Here is an example of what Turner Syndrome might look like if you had this disease.

Can you cure this disease?

You cannot cure this disease but you can cure some of the symptoms by medicine. Some of the most common medicines are Human Growth Hormone help by growing a few more inches and estrogen replacement therapy.