Kadir Nelson

He's got the whole world in his hands

Kadir Nelsons Backround

Kadir Nelson was born 1974 in Washington, but grew up in New Jersey and San Diego. Kadir Nelson began drawing when he was three years old. Nelson was drawing before he could even write or read. Kadir would enter competitions for art. One he received a scholarship to attend the Pratt institute in Brooklyn, New York. When he was in college he enrolled in architecture because he thought it was a more realistic goal then becoming an artist.

Inspiration for writing and illistrating

Kadir Nelsons Uncle was an artist and an art teacher. Nelson often worked with him and became a young and talented artist. Many of his professors noticed Kadirs hard work during college. One time while freelancing Nelson painted a picture and author Jerdine Nelson asked if he ever considered Illustrating.

Kadir Nelson's Succeses

Kadir Nelson is well known for oil paintings. He has had oil paintings exhibits in museums in the U.S., England, Japan, and Mexico.