Wild fires

preventing wild fires

How and what wild life is effected by wild fires

During a forest fire the wild life that is effected would be the animals that like in trees or around trees, wild fires are very dangerous because once a tree is dead it wont grow back. Wild life that isn't killed is effected because their habitat is effected.

Two main issues with wild fires.

Two main problems with wild fires is that it kills a lot of wild life, it also takes away their habitat. There are may negative things that come from wild fires, one being 4.37 million acres are burned down.

Regions that wild fires are most common

Wild fires are most common in areas that are hot and dry for a long period of time. In North America they are common around the summer time, when its the hottest.

How do wild fires occur

Wild fires occur when it there is not much moisture around, so not one person or thing causes a wild fire.

Can people be effected by wild fires?

Yes people can be effected. They are effected because they might live near a forest, and if it were to catch fire their house could potentially burn down.

What to do to prevent a wild fire

There's not much you can do to prevent a wild fire. Most people collect important items and get out.

Could a wild fire reach League City?

Not likely, because we don't have many areas of just forest. We have a lot of shops near us which makes it unlikely for a forest fire to occur.

Negative effects about wild fires

Many negative effects come with wild fires. One of them being wild life is killed, another being a habitat is lost.

Solutions to a wild fire

There's not really anything you can do to prevent a wild fire. There's also nothing people are doing right now to prevent them.
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