Nothing but the Truth Book Report!

By: Katie Jenkins

Nothing but a manipulater

Phillip Malloy is a ninth grade boy at Harrison High school. Phillip loves to run and he was going to be on the track team. Until coach Jamison said he couldn't unless he passed with a C and he had a D. He had all A's in the other classes. so he thought Miss Narwin was out to get him.

The boy who gets suspended for singing the National anthem


Phillip Malloy got sent out the classroom for a disturbance in the classroom. Miss Narwin asked him politely to stop but he did not. He said that his father told him to stand up for him self but that got him suspended.Then he went to Ted Griffin because he was running for school board. The dad told the reporter what happened but added some stuff to the story to make Phillip sound innocent. So the story got out to the radio stations and the people started talking mean to Miss Narwin and blaming her for something she didn't even do. She didn't want Phil to be suspended. She even told Dr.Palleni not to suspend him so Phillip ended up Moving schools. When he got to his new school his new teacher asked him to sing the national anthem. Phillip couldn't because he didn't know the words.

The End.

At the end of the story Philip actually told nothing but a lie but we all knew that to began with. So all of the media and reporter stuff was all unnecessary. So after all Phillip got humiliated.