Unit Three- Problem Solution

Putting it all together

Unit Three- Overview

In the next essay of the semester, you will use your research from Unit Two’s Wakelet project to compose a Problem-Solution persuasive essay. Persuasion and argument are important techniques in our professional, academic, and civic life.

Composing an effective, persuasive argument may land you a big-dollar client; it may get people to use your business; it may earn a top grade on an assignment; or it may get you elected to office. Of course to be good at persuasion, it takes more than personality. We do not often encounter our audience face-to-face in our increasingly global lifestyle. Our contact is a screen through which our argument is presented in text (visual or written). Therefore, good persuasive techniques coupled with strong support are your best resource for whatever it is you are trying to persuade your audience to think, to buy, to reject, to act upon, etc.

We will use the research from the previous unit to state a position on the topic you have been investigating. Then, we will incorporate supporting details through research following the guidelines from Joining the Conversation. Your paper will require the use of at least three secondary sources from MWA 2 for supporting details. The argument and its supporting details should lead the audience to agree with your position and your solution or at least reconsider his or her own position.

MWA 3- Problem-Solution Essay

Paper Specifications

Page length for the out-of-class revision

  • The final draft must be a minimum of 4 full pages typed.
  • Drafts that are not 4 pages will not be evaluated and will be given an automatic grade of F (50). Do not try to get around this requirement by making the margins, spacing, and font larger. Please also note that this is a minimum length requirement.
  • The Works Cited page is not part of the page minimum.

Format: Margins, Spacing and indentation, Font, Pagination, Heading, Title

  • See handout for Essay #1.

Late penalties

  • Please see the syllabus for late penalties.

Use of 1st and 2nd person pronouns

  • Avoid using “you” at all times. Its use is informal and indefinite.
  • Avoid using “I” as well although this essay may require more than other essays

Works Cited

  • Works Cited is required with three sources
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