Marburg virus

Basic Information

Function: 1. Viruses infect other cells to survive

2. Viruses inject their DNA or RNA into the cell and it multiplies

Reason they are non-living: They lack the basic functions of living cells

Size: The size of animal cells are 20 micrometers. The size of bacteria are 1000 nanometers. The size of viruses are 20 nanometers. So compared to animal cells and bacteria cells, viruses are infinitesimal

Virus structure

The basic structure of viruses is made up of a protein coat called a capsid, DNA or RNA, and an enzyme.

Virus pictures

No treatment for Marburg!

Marburg Virus

Disease caused: Ebola

Symptoms: Nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, red eyes, raised rashes, chest pain and coughing, stomach pain, severe weight loss, bleeding from eyes.

How it is spread: it is transmitted from contact of an infected persons bodily fluids.

Fatality rate: depending on the healthcare of the region, the virus is 23% to 90% fatal

How to prevent: stay away from bodily fluids

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