Owls and Bees

Language Arts for January 18-22

Don't Forget-- Spring Pictures

Photo Texas will be at Rock Prairie on Thursday, January 21, to take class pictures and individual photographs. Picture envelopes were sent home on Monday. If you need another envelope, please let me know so I can send another one home. (I did find a few envelopes that were left behind.)

My Thoughts on Cursive Instruction

I am now requiring that my students write in cursive for most work. We spent the first semester learning how to properly form letters and connect them into words. Now I want my students to develop fluency and learn how to control letter size and placement on regular paper.

I made a booklet for each student to keep in the front of his/her binder. If your child is doing homework and can't remember how to form a certain letter, the booklet shows how to form the letter step-by-step. I told my students that they should not guess at letter formation because if they guess incorrectly, they will develop bad habits that are hard to break. I encourage them to use their booklets if they have any doubts.

I also told them that writing in cursive may be slow and awkward for a few weeks, but as they practice, they will speed up and find that cursive is actually faster than printing.

Many schools no longer teach cursive as a part of direct instruction, and that makes me sad. Research shows that cursive positively affects reading and writing. I've attached a link to short article about what researchers say about this dying art:


Here's a link to another article about how writing by hand impacts the brain differently than using a keyboard to write:


I have also told my students that they can now do something that many adults cannot do. They should feel proud of their progress as cursive writers!

Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday on Monday, January 18