Esms news letter

ElA 1 and ELA 2

Working Hard!

In ELA 1 we try our best every day and we have fun while doing it. In the picture to the right you see something that you think a kindergartner did, right? But a 6th grader did it and it was me. We had to listen to a story and draw what we that the carter looked like.


Writing I think is a close second to reading. We write a lot thew out the day. The picture to the right you can see a writing I wrote it. But writing takes a long time and I anjoy doing it as well. The pictures below are some of the free writing we have done. And some of bell work that we do.

Some over our work.

At the end of the week. We like to write story's.

Free write!

On Fridays we do free write and make up funny stories.

My favorite part of 6th grade!

My favorite part of sixth grade is I get to see all of my friends.