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The road to a career as a radiologist typically begins with earning a bachelor's degree. Medical school prerequisite courses include biology, chemistry and physics. A number of undergraduate students opt to work or volunteer in medical settings to gain experience.

The road continues with four years of medical school to become a physician. Medical school consists of two years of classroom education in the sciences, such as anatomy, pathology, pharmacology and biochemistry, followed by two years of clinical rotations in different areas of medicine, such as pediatrics, psychiatry, surgery and internal medicine.

Job Description

Radiologists use imaging technologies such as x-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs, PETs, and CTs to diagnose diseases, injuries, and other disorders in patients

Work Environment

Radiologists work in offices, hospitals, and even from home in some instances. The working hours for radiologists can vary hugely depending on where they work. At hospitals, the radiology department normally operates 24 hours a day, and radiologists need to be available at all times.


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