Kaizen (改善) 1% Better Every Day!

Continuous Incremental Improvement

Shout Outs!

  • A Huge Shout Out to everyone for making my first anniversary at Lakeview so awesome!! Please stop by my office if you need some snacks! (I promise to return the toilet paper holder asap!)-- Penny Bowles

  • Shout out to Ms. Donna for always going above and beyond to help out with any random requests or needs I've had!—Elizabeth Bingham

  • As a parent and a teacher, I would like to thank all the staff who came to Chick Fil A! You all are "Rock Stars" to our students! #bynameandbyneed - Kimberly Blake

  • I want to thank my 2nd grade team for pulling together to help prepare my sub when I had to be absent unexpectedly. They ensured things ran smoothly in my classroom while I was gone. Thanks so much girls!!-- Heather Parkerson

  • Thank you to my awesome team for making my transition to LV smooth and answering all my questions :)-- Shannon Burnett

  • Cindy W. for covering my after school duty on Wednesday and Tuesday! -- Kim Hardy

    Julie for bringing me the Chick-fil-A cards when I forgot and left out of Spirit Night in a hurry without them!-- Kim Hardy

  • Amy D. for getting some last minute health screenings done for some kiddos!-- Kim Hardy

  • Courtney has done an amazing job beginning this year. Her gentle way and calmness makes my life as a colleague brighter. I thank God for Toni's ease with technology. She keeps our goings on in front of our parents. Elizabeth and Beverly are a joy to have as partners. We laugh and collaborate with open and honest words. I love my team! You guys rock!!!--- Kim Mauk

  • Kim Darden for being a fantastic leader! -- Gail Vopelak

  • Thank you to Cindy Wisdom for always printing or sending me things I need. I'm very needy. And thank you to Kim Mauk for loaning me a plethora of manipulatives needed for testing. And for being super flexible! – Erika Oster

  • A shout out to Laura Janese for the great agenda to keep us focused on our planning day. –Julie Peters

  • Shout Out to Penny for her amazing newsletter. Thank you for the laughs!—Tami Rasberry (it’s weird typing my own Shout Outs!)- I sincerely thank you Tami!

  • Shout Out to Mary for her continued 100% support! – Tami Rasberry

  • Shout out to the 5th grade time for being the first to turn in their weekly audits!!!!!!!—Jodi DeBerry

  • A shout out to Kim Hardy for always being the best counselor ever!!- Penny Bowles

  • Shout out to Kim Mauk for not hesitating to help out a team mate last Friday! And a Shout to Penny Bowles for her support and making sure the needs of every kid are met!—Elizabeth Bingham

  • A Big Shout Out to Mrs. Peters and her Awesome Kinder Helpers

    Mrs. Peters recruited some awesome parents to organize and rearrange the Guided Reading Library. It is still a work in progress, but it already looks a thousand times better!! There were even dads involved in adjusting the shelf heights to accommodate the magazine boxes. Please be sure you stop by and check it out. If you see any parents working in there, please thank them for their time and attention to detail. Mrs. Peters also has a Google Doc with a complete list of book titles and levels! She will share that once the library is complete.
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    APPy to Share

    Apps We Are Using for Progress Monitoring

    These are all available in the App Store for the Android Store. Check them out online and see if any of them would be efficient for you to use with progress monitoring.

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