Yellowstone National Park

home of lots of geysers

Geothermal features and info about park

Yellowstone National Park has lots of geothermal features such as geysers, hot springs, mud pots, and pools. Yellowstone National Park is located in northwestern Wyoming, southern Montana, and eastern Idaho. It has the most geysers in the world. It is America's first national park. Ulysses S. Grant found the park.


One of the most popular geysers in Yellowstone is Old faithful geyser. It is in the western part of the park. Old faithful is the most common geyser to erupt. Its eruptions vary from 30-90 minutes. During these eruptions hundreds of gallons of hot boiling water erupt into the air. The water then goes into the ground and is heated by the super volcano and the cycle starts again.


The most common pool in Yellowstone is Morning Glory Pool. It got its name from the morning glory flower. It is in the part of the park known as upper geyser basin.
It has a very pretty blue color. Due to sticks and other items people have thrown into it, this awesome feature has lost some of its impressive blue color.

Super volcano

You may not know it, but Yellowstone National Park is on top of a huge volcano; even though it has not erupted for over 1,000,000 years. Hundreds of scientists come each summer and study this important geological feature.

A Brief Video Tour Of Yellowstone National Park