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Red River Carts


The Red River Carts were used in fur trading and holding beef and meat. Their simple design made it easier for travel on a rugged terrain and was popular for after hunting for the Metis people. It was used in the Westward expansion in their settlement on what later became Manitoba.

  • Used throughout the 19th Century.
  • Used in fur trades
  • Used in Western Expansion in Canada and the U.S
  • Usually pulled by oxen
  • To haul buffalo skins and meat after buffalo hunts
  • As a means of transportation and shelter during long trips and migration
  • To get to homesteads
  • For everyday business
  • For exporting furs
  • To transport supplies from larger communities
  • Two wheels made it easier to travel on rugged terrain
  • Sometimes used for a floating transportation over rivers.

  • They were loud due to their wheels
  • Slow on movement
  • Completely made out of wood and hide. No nails.


The Metis and Anglo-Metis people first invented and developed it. Located in Canada in the Red River area.

Impact on North Dakota

The Red River Carts were used for fur trading in North Dakota. They were also used for carrying buffalo meat after hunting. It was very useful in tough areas to get through.


They were important to carry goods and supplies on a trip back to their colonies. The Metis didn't have railroads so they used Red River Carts and other types of wagons to help transport their goods and supplies.

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