Welcome Back!

TUSD Connect Fellowship 16-17

Have a great first day!

Welcome back to the 2016-2017 school year! I am very excited to begin this journey with you as we make some major shifts with NGSS in our classrooms.

Please read through the resources on this page over the next week and respond to the Google Form at the bottom. This will begin our process of reflecting and growing and will also help me set up a visitation schedule for the year.

I hope you all have a wonderful first day of school and I look forward to meeting your students!

See you all soon,


Resource #1: Read through Google Slide Show

This slide show talks about the five principles of classroom culture. As we transition into NGSS instruction, we have a great opportunity to really focus on how we want to build positive classroom cultures in our room.

Throughout this fellowship, we will be looking at classroom culture as a lens to our instruction. By developing a positive classroom culture, we should see increased engagement and decreased discipline issues. We should also see students who feel safe to take risks and cared for by their teacher.

Resource #2: Eight Things to Look for in Today's Classroom

The image below shows eight ways to create a learner-focused culture in the classroom.

Take a close look at the image before opening and answering the questions in the Google form at the bottom of this page.

The image was taken from a blog post by George Couros.

Big image

Google Form

Click the link below to open the form and answer a few questions to help me make a visitation schedule and begin our process or growing and reflecting.


Thanks and we are going to make it a great year together!