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September Edition

Our Goal: To help you navigate all the strategies and tools we have available within MGSD and Mooresville Intermediate School!

September's M-Powerment Strategy Focus

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Teachers collaborate to create a culture of caring where every child every day feels valued and nurtured.

Every Opportunity
What does this actually look like at MIS?

- greeting each individual student in the morning with a handshake, high five, or fist bump

- weekly communication with parents using classroom newsletters, emails, etc.

- purposefully contacting parents with positive

- implementing our school-wide PBIS ticket system successfully in your classroom (our PBIS resources)

- making decisions based on what is best for students

Instructional Highlights

Melissa Luffman is one of our teachers who develops a culture of caring in simple everyday interactions with students: hugs, morning greetings with a smile, and generally showing affection. She also talks with her classes about being a family and encouraging one another.

This year, she used a quote from Kid President ("Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody") as the basis for a class discussion and a writing prompt in which students planned for how they could make others feel important throughout the year.

Mrs. Luffman takes the time to learn about her students. When behavior issues arise, she listens to them rather than just reacting to negative behaviors. She also asks parents to write a letter about their hopes and goals for their child and anything that they want her to know about their child. This has given her further insight into her students and brings parents into that culture of caring.

Using Cooperative Learning Strategies to Support a Culture of Caring

Why Kagan? Cooperative Learning Strategies give every child in your classroom a voice. Each child is challenged to be an active learner. See below for the research behind Kagan strategies and how to use them in your classroom!

Using Picture Books to Support a Culture of Caring

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Picture books can be a great springboard for classroom discussion. We have books about kids overcoming anxiety about school, overcoming differences, dealing with bullying, developing empathy and more.

"Techify" It!

Interested in other simple ways to incorporate various Tech Tools with our monthly M-Powerment Strategy: M-1? Check out the ideas below!

Google calendar--celebrate birthdays

Google Drive--work on projects/assignments at the same time

Mastery Connect- compare assessment data/communicate results with kids

Today’s Meet--backchannel for daily classes

Educreations--student groups collaborate to create tutorials

Kahoot!--team play

Smore -- share information about classes and good things with colleagues, parents and students

Padlet--whole class collaboration & brainstorming

Learn--communication: email, live chats/study groups, sharing classes as teachers, creating/grading assessments together

We have seen lots of great activities done to create a positive classroom community across the building - from student surveys, getting to know you activities, and weekly class newsletters. It's impossible for us to spotlight them all!

How do you create a culture of caring in your classroom?

Please take a moment to share your ideas and "show yourself off"

on the Padlet board below!

MGSD Top Ten Tech Tools Focus

Spotlight #1: BBLearn

There are lots of ways within Blackboard to promote a culture of caring. One great way is to use the Discussion Boards feature! This allows students to have a voice within the classroom and to know their thoughts and opinions are valued! Click on the images below for some resources to help you get started!

There is so much you can do within Blackboard Learn! Need help? Here is a google folder with all of our Blackboard Learn Tutorials. Also, below is a link to Tara Gander's BBLearn page with even more resources whether you are just learning or are ready to try something new!

Spotlight #2: Google Apps

Google Apps promote creativity and collaboration when used with students!

Interested in building your Google Drive skills or taking them to the next level? Check out the Smore linked below! Linked to it is a Thinglink "Choose Your Own Adventure with Google Drive" to meet your needs. Additional Google resources can also be found below.

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Additional Resources

Need help with either of these MGSD Top Ten Resources or

any of our other ones?

Email one of us to set up a time to meet!

Sarah Dillard

Instructional Technology Facilitator

Kristina Thoennes

School Library Media Coordinator

October's Focus:

M-2: High Expectations

Teachers set high expectations for learning and believe all students are capable of achieving success.

Do you have a strategy or process you use within your classroom or a colleague's that you would like spotlighted next month? Let us know!