An Extraordinary End To April!

Day Two


Yesterday was great and today is going to be even better!!!! Keep reaching out with those 1:1 contacts to help add to your sales this month. So many of you are chipping away at those big goals and I am cheering you on loudly!

Now - onto Day Two!

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Your target: MEN!

Men need help! Most men won't even think about purchasing a Mother's Day gift until the day before. Sad, but true. ;) Let's make it simple for them! Give them that personal service. The KEY to helping men is to be very simple and specific! If you let them go online to search for something, they WON'T!! Send a message with an items you think their wife would like. Give them the price and offer to place the order for them! It's all about the EASY BUTTON!

What to say:

Hi Greg! I wanted to reach out to you. I know your wife (Name) has her eye on some gorgeous Stella and Dot. I would love to make it simple for you this Mother's Day and help you scoop up what is on her wish list! Our most popular gift is the Engravable Bar necklace with either your wedding date OR your children's initials. I wear mine everyday. It's $59 and will ship to you in a few days in a nice gift box!!! Simple!! Take a peek at the pictures below for examples. We also just launched a great scarf promo today - when you grab $50+, you can add this beauty for just $14.99. I promise you she'll love both! What do you think? :) Krista


**** Don't have a wish list for your customer?? Post on your fan page for ladies to go to your website, create a wish list and message you their husband's email address or phone number! Easy!

****Don't forget to keep reaching out with yesterday's words to say to women looking for Mother's Day gifting and let them know about the scarf promo too!

Images to include are below!

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xo, Krista