my true story

start to a new friend ship

I used to play with boys before Amy became my BFF like best friends fore ever but one day or like one year later Marilyn came the most beautiful singer in school so when we changed to junior high everithing changed some kids became popular some broke friendships with others only to get a boyfriend or girl friend to become popular me and Amy have not been talking much because of Marilyn they became best friends only because i did not play with her volleyball.I know like why?I will tell you more in the next writting.
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playing with boys

I started playing with boys like before and it feels lonely to be the only girl playing with the boys.........but they do understand me they care for me like if they were my best of my friends so i will hang out with them until....or always
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The boys

I figured out that a boy named Alex likes me he cares more about me that himself and he seemed cute after that but he will never figure out i like him.......The boys are fon we play wolfs and many things but the most like about playing is that im the alpha and they are scared of me because i am tought
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only because i am pretty and girlish does not mean i have to be diva like the popular girls in the other classes.Like i say pretty but tought.I have onother poem much longer than this one comming up

poem about friendship

Special True Friend

© Crystal A. Dedes

Published on February 2006

It has meant so much
Having you as a friend
You will always be a part of me
Until the end

When times are tough
You are always there
It has brightened my world
Just knowing you care

You make me feel the love
I have inside
You are a friend,
A mentor, a guide

Since we met
Our friendship has grown
While you're in the world
I will never be alone

I feel blessed to have met
Some one like you
And to have found a friendship
So special and true

Source: #FamilyFriendPoems


scince i have been playing with the boys i have learned that they love of just the way i am.they treat me more than a girl,more than a friend,and more than any thing.

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lov yu guys *<:)
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