Google Search Tips

Search by Time Frame

  • You can also narrow results to anytime frame. For example, you can limit results to the past 2 years or 4 years or 10 years etc. This is a great way to make sure you are getting current results.

  • Type in your search terms on

  • On the results page (under the search bar) click on Any Time.

  • Search for results from the past hour, week, month, year or create a custom range of time.

This is a great way to make find current news or to make sure your search results are not irrelevant.

Use Search Operators to Narrow Your Search Results

  • Use the search operator site: to find results only from .org or .gov or .com etc. Simply type in site: and your search (ex. food site:gov), no spaces in between search terms. Or use the term site to search only within the site you specify. You can also Use the minus sign (-) operator to exclude results from a certain site. For example if your teacher doesn't want you to use wikipedia simply type in – This tool is also useful to refine your search results when a word can refer to more than one thing, for example Donald -duck, would eliminates all sites that refer to Donald Duck.

  • Use the search operator link: to find out which pages link to a certain page. For example, you could type in link: and see all the websites that link to this website. This could be a valuable tool to use when your trying to assess the credibility of a website (C.R.A.A.P test).

  • When you put a word or phrase in quotes, the results will only include pages with the same words in the same order as the ones inside the quotes. Only use this if you're looking for an exact word or phrase, otherwise you'll exclude many helpful results by mistake. For example, if you wanted results about Donald Duck, you could write “Donald Duck”.

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