By: Maddie Hagy

All about Islams

Followers in Islam are called Muslims. Muslims are taught about The God of Abraham. Some sacraments or traditions are The 5 Pillars Of Faith which include shahada, salat, zakat, siyam, and hajj. The Muslim's place of worship is in a Mosques. The worship leader for their religion is called an Imam. Their holy book is called The Qur'an. One of the Muslim's holidays is Ramadan which celebrates the end of the month, where they visit people, feast on special foods and give gifts. Another holiday is Eid Al Fitr which celebrates the festival for the first day after Ramadan. The Muslim's holy place is in Jerusalem which is the Al-Asqua Mosque.

All 3 Religions

Even though each of these religions are very different they do have one thing in common. Each of these religion´s common holy sites relate back to the city of Jerusalem.