Think before you drink

Drinking and driving do not mix!

When a person consumes large amounts of alcohol, they have impaired judgement. That means that if something is 3 feet away it looks like its 30 feet away. Or that yellow line in the middle of the road can look like its a little to the right or a little to the left. Because of this a intoxicated person is much more likely to hit another car putting his or her life in danger along with everybody on the road.

Health prolems

First off you can get a wide variety of cancers from alcohol. Also you can get cirrhosis of the liver, it is a diseases were the liver grows unhealthy by getting rid of healthy cells and growing unhealthy ones. It turns the liver black. Brain problems are also an issue for alcoholics. Alcohol causes the brain to shrink and slowly get worse and worse.

Social Problems

Alcohol also effects a persons social life. It causes problems in relationships with family members and friends. If that person is in school it causes grades to go down and to miss lots of school days. But if somebody has a job it causes work to not be finished. Also it causes automobile accidents/fatalities.

Al anon is a support group for familys of alcoholics

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