Dealey Dragon Update

November 12th, 2021

Message from the Principal

Dear Excellent Dealey Families,

Today was National Chicken Soup for the Soul Day. So, we delivered chicken soup and quotes to our staff. On the announcements, I shared this quote that I found in Ms. Garrett's office when I was helping her move out last summer. I wanted to share it with you, too!

Everything in Nature is a lesson.

the spider's web teaches us that everything in the Universe is connected.

Affect one tiny strand and the resulting vibrations are felt throughout the entire web.

When you walk in kindness and reverence the Universe thanks you.

I wish you a fantastic week of walking in kindness!

Dragons breathe fire!

Much love,

Ms. Wing

Big picture

Next week is Anti-Bullying Awareness Week

What is Bullying?

Over the past decade, instances of bullying have increased across the United States escalating to harmful acts that can damage both the person being bullied and the bully. defines bullying as "unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time." Anti-Bullying awareness week to help the public understand that verbal, social and physical bullying are not right and need to stop. Kids deserve a safe, healthy environment while at school and at play.

Dress Themes:

Monday - Make it BLUE and make it end! Wear a BLUE shirt and BLUE accessories with jeans/uniform bottoms.

Tuesday - Let’s stop bullying around the world! Represent a country by wearing clothing or colors from that country.

Wednesday - Dealey is a PEACEFUL place! Wear all blue or clothing that represents peace.

Thursday - Warm up and be a friend not a bully! Wear a warm up suit or sweat suit.

Friday - Take a stand against bullying! Wear any armed service shirt (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, etc.) or USA colors, Red, White and Blue with jeans/uniform bottoms.

Nurses Updates

Nov 12, 2021

Quarantine Policy - So far we have had 7 on campus positive cases. If your child is

identified as a close contact and has to be quarantined, please remember that in order

to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and the Delta variant, it is imperative that your child

quarantine EVERY DAY. This means your child who has been exposed MUST stay at

home. Do NOT go to the store, shopping, to parties, to the park, to a friend’s house or

any other places during quarantine. Again, please do not visit others in person during

quarantine. In order to return on day 8, proof of negative test results must be sent to

myself and/or Ms. Medrano. As an added safety measure, I will not be accepting

at-home covid test results. If you would like to waive testing, proof of testing is not

required to return on day 11. Please let me know if you plan to waive testing.

COVID testing - Our COVID testing kits have expired. I have been working with the

district to get more, but the district is unsure when they will get a new supply. If you

need a COVID test for quarantine or otherwise, please visit for a

testing site near you.

COVID Vaccines - If your child receives the COVID vaccine, please send proof of

vaccination via email or place in my box in the office once fully vaccinated. Once your

student is fully vaccinated (two weeks after the second dose), they will not need to

quarantine if exposed to someone who is COVID positive. The district will have a

vaccine clinic event for first and second doses. Details from the district below:

Dallas County recently lowered the COVID-19 risk level from red to orange as

cases continue to decrease in our area. This week, the FDA released an

approved vaccine available for children ages 5 to 11.

The district is partnering with various organizations to operate a series of vaccine

clinics at various elementary schools, set to begin later this month.

Once students are fully vaccinated, there is a 6- to 8-week period before

immunity is achieved. We understand the approaching holiday season is one of

the highest transmission periods for virus spread.

As such, we are excited to offer a series of COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics for

ages 5 and up on a rotating basis this school year.

The following eight clinics will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., on

Saturday, Nov. 20, for the first dose, and Saturday, Dec. 11, for the second


● David G. Burnet Elementary School, 3200 Kinkaid Drive, Dallas, TX 75220

● Cedar Crest Elementary School, 2020 Mouser St., Dallas, TX 75203

● Gilbert Cuellar Sr. Elementary School, 337 Pleasant Vista Drive, Dallas,

TX 75217

● Jerry R. Junkins Elementary School, 2808 Running Duke Drive,

Carrollton, TX 75006

● Umphrey Lee Elementary School, 7808 Racine Drive, Dallas, TX 75232

● Henry W. Longfellow Career Exploration Academy, 5314 Boaz St., Dallas,

TX 75209

● Charles Rice Learning Center, 2425 Pine St., Dallas, TX 75215

● Solar Preparatory School for Girls, 2617 N Henderson Ave., Dallas, TX


Immunization Compliance - Middle school parents, I need Tdap and Meningococcal

vaccine records ASAP. If you need to file an exemption affidavit, you can do so here.

They need to be renewed every 2 years. If you need resources for vaccines, or have

any questions regarding compliance, please reach out to me. There are many free

immunization clinics around the metroplex. You can find the DISD immunization policy

and requirements here.

Oct 7,

Updates and Information

Virtual Book Fair

Our Book Fair will be open online from now through November 21st.

Thanksgiving Meal

Information Here. Please bring gift cards by November 17th!

Recruitment Information

If you know of prospective families, please share this information.

PTA Reflections

This is an Art Showcase/ Competition sponsored by the Texas PTA. Entries are due by Friday, November 18th.

Vaccine Clinic

Dallas ISD is hosting a COVID-19 Vaccination Pop-up Clinic for all ages!

Nov. 20, 2021

9:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Cedar Crest Elementary School

2020 Mouser Street

Dallas, TX 75203

All vaccinations are FREE for those 5 years old or older.


Please see list of updates from SBDM SBDM Principal’s Report

Need Help?

Please follow this link to see who to call for what

Important Dates

All Community Dates (George Bannerman Dealey) are here

Nov 14 Dealey Family Fun 3:30-5:30 outside

Nov 9-18 Virtual Book Fair

Nov 17 Upper Elementary Musical (outside) @ 6:30

Nov 19 Middle School Fall Party 4:00-6:30

Nov 19 PTA Reflections Deadline

Dec 2 Virtual Open House for Prospective Families 6:00 pm via Zoom

Dec 1,2 UIL Theater performance (for families of students in the performance only)

Dec 3 Picture Retakes

Dec 10 Coffee with the Principal 8:15

Dec 17 ACP tests begin

Dec 15-17 Early Release 6th-8th grade

Shout Outs!

If you would like to send some love to a staff member, please complete this form.

Ms. Wekewa for help with whatever we need

Ms. Warren Johnson, Ms. Stubbs and Mr. Kaufmann for presenting to 3rd grade parents

Mr. Cherryholmes and the robotics team for hosting a big tournament

The Smith Family and Ms. Bandeali for cleaning up the green house

SBDM committees for their intentional and collaborative work

Ms. Chandler for helping to arrange after school tutoring

Ms. O for covering class when we were short

From the Community

Ms. Cole has taken me under her wing with grace and courtesy. She has been patient as I learn how to navigate all things GT - especially the compliance and testing. I am so grateful to have her as a partner this year.Leah Chandler

Ms. Emery has renewed Scarlett's love of math. She encourages her and has been able to fill gaps that I thought would take years in a matter of months. Thank you!Leah Chandler

“Preventing conflicts is the work of politics; establishing peace is the work of education.”—Education and Peace