Muscular System

By: Rylie Burden

Skeletal Muscle

  • Origin is one end of the muscle, attached to the less movable part of the bone
  • Insertion is the other end of the muscle, attached to the more movable part of the bone
  • The action, or body, is the thick middle part of the muscle
  • Spans joints and attached to skeleton
  • Spindled shape
  • Controlled by CNS

Smooth (Visceral) Muscle

  • Lines various hollow organs
  • Makes up the walls of blood vessels
  • Found in the tubes of the digestive system
  • Smooth and has no striations
  • Controlled by the autonomic nervous system
  • No striations
  • Lines the walls of viscera and hollow walls of organs
  • involuntary movement
  • spindle shaped
  • Controlled by ANS

Cardiac Muscle

  • Found only in the heart
  • Striated muscle
  • Under involuntary control
  • Has specialized cells that provide a stimulus for contraction
  • Known as a branching cell
  • involuntary movement
  • main muscle of heart
  • spindle shaped
  • cells are striated
  • Regulated by ANS