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April 24, 2020

From the Principal...Steve Morrill

Remote learning continues at Thompson…..

As I support my own sons during this time of remote learning (one in college and one finishing high school) my conversations with them start and finish in the same place. I ask them, “What is the overarching learning goal of this activity? And what is the purpose of this work?” As a result of their learning, I want them to have a greater understanding of the overall concept and why their teachers have asked them to complete these tasks. The same is true at the middle school level.

As parents, I believe one of the challenges to the remote learning your children are now engaged in is your ability to support them as you always have during “traditional” learning. From my vantage point as both a Dad, and a middle school principal, I think an important consideration is how can we as parents/teachers/administrators work together to help the student connect the tasks that he/she is being asked to complete with the overarching learning goal of the assignment. For example “Why is the teacher asking students to do this activity?”

Any time we can acknowledge a meaningful task that a learner is engaged in and has taken ownership of and also can help them attach that learning to a more global learning concept, we assist our children in making connections and internalizing their new learning. As parents, try not to ‘sweat the small stuff,’ but instead engage your kids in their learning tasks by asking them if they can make “big picture” connections to what they are being asked to do.

Thank you for your continued partnership and support of Thompson!

Have a great weekend,


Online Registration for Next Year

Returning Student Registration for 2020-2021 has moved to an online format that will open on Monday, April 27th. In years past, parents completed the necessary paperwork in paper format. This year, all acknowledgments and authorizations are contained in a single electronic, online registration form that will be easily accessible from most electronic devices (computer, Chromebook, and Smartphones).

Beginning April 27th, parents can sign into the Returning Student Online Registration form using their Home Access Center (HAC) credentials, select individual students, and complete their registration. The form will be located in the Parents/Community menu of the District website and on Thompson’s website under Parents/Registration Materials.

Registration fees for elementary and middle school will be available in PushCoin beginning April 27th, and billed to reflect the early bird discount of $10.00 if paid by May 22nd. High School fees will be available in June. For families who may qualify for a fee waiver, and are not directly certified by the state, a 2020-2021 district fee waiver application will be available on the District 303 website in July, accessible from the Parent/Community menu.

Please contact the main office if you have any questions at (331) 228-3100!

Creative Writing Awards

The AAUW Batavia-Geneva-St. Charles branch continues its tradition of encouraging and honoring aspiring young writers through its Creative Writing Contest. This year they celebrate the 41st anniversary of the contest. Their judges read every entry carefully and find it rewarding to see that many young people still take time to seek self-expression through writing. They would like to thank all the teachers and parents for supporting their children’s interest in writing. Above all, congratulations to this year’s awardees!

Here are the winners from Thompson Middle School:

  • 7th Grade Poetry, 2nd Place - Olivia Burgan for “Perpetual”

  • 8th Grade Fiction, 2nd Place - Owen McNally for “The Warp”

  • 8th Grade Non-Fiction/Essay, 2nd Place - Olivia VanAcker for “The Day I Had to Say Goodbye”

  • 8th Grade Non-Fiction/Essay, 3rd Place - JD Hern for “D-Day”

Students receiving Honorable Mention recognition are:

  • Olivia Apostal

  • Jasmine Bawa

  • Connor Lougheed

  • Ally Seiller

  • Holly Stachon

Congratulations to all of our amazing Thompson writers!

Diane Morrill Scholarship Fund

As you know, Principal Morrill recently lost his wife Diane to cancer. Diane was a music/orchestra teacher for Addison District 4 for many years. A scholarship fund to support District 4 students who participate in orchestra has been established in Diane's name. If you are interested in contributing, please click on this link for more information.

Please keep Steve and his sons in your thoughts!

Medication Pickup from the Thompson Health Office

If your child has medication in the health office that you need to retrieve at this time, please email Diane Isbrandt RN, PEL-CSN at for assistance. When guidance for public access to school settings is received from the Illinois Department of Public Health/CDC, details on a general medication pick up process/timeframe will be shared.

Thank you for your understanding and support at this time!

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Lessons

Executive function and self-regulation skills are the mental processes that enable us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and juggle multiple tasks successfully. (The President and Fellows of Harvard College, 2020). This weeks SEL lesson includes strategies supportive of successfully completing assignments or tasks. One such strategy is Ready-Do-Done, a process children and adults can use to plan through the completion of tasks that may appear overwhelming. This week's competency is:

  • Responsible decision-making: The ability to make constructive and respectful choices about personal behavior and social interactions based on consideration of ethical standards, safety concerns, social norms, the realistic evaluation of consequences of various actions, and the well-being of self and others.

We are asking students to identify and use strategies to manage emotions. Video clips and text is embedded to foster conversation. The challenges and uncertainty facing families and children are impactful on overall mental health and well being. We are hopeful the resources shared will be a support to parents/guardians and children. If you have any questions on the information provided or are seeking additional support for yourself or child, please contact Patti Palagi, Director Instructional Interventions ( or 331-228-6457).

Fridays During Remote Learning

We want students to learn every day! Monday through Thursday our teachers will be providing lessons. Friday is a day to continue learning by completing lessons, catching-up on past or missing work, or doing enrichment lessons.

Please visit the website D303 Optional Remote Learning For Students to access enrichment lessons. In addition to the weekly SEL activity, the website houses a variety of optional learning experiences in the areas of math, digital citizenship, English Language Arts, college and career, and STEM. We encourage you to ask your child to engage in the SEL lessons before exploring the other choice options. Although these optional learning experiences were designed for use on Fridays, students are welcome to engage in the learning experiences on the website anytime.

8th Grade Celebration Sign Request

Click here to request a yard sign for your 8th grader!

Administrator and Office Assistance

Although the administrators and office staff are following the governor’s stay-at-home order, we are still available to answer questions and assist you when needed. Please call the main office at (331) 228-3100 or email one of the administrators. We are here for you!

Spring Field Trips

Unfortunately, all field trips and track season are canceled for the remainder of the school year. If you paid in PushCoin the money was credited to your account. If you paid with a check or cash, a check from the school will be mailed to you. Please be patient as this will take a bit to issue these checks. If you have any questions, please contact Kim Walters.

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Thompson Yearbook

Every year, Thompson students publish a Thompson Yearbook. Students who decide to purchase a yearbook are given this keepsake at the end of the school year. Buying a yearbook is optional and not all students choose to own one. The price of the yearbook is $25.

Have you ordered your Thompson 19-20 Yearbook? You can check your PushCoin account to see if you have purchased one by going to 'transactions' and then adjusting the start date back to April 1, 2019. Contact Kim Walters ( or 331-228-6410) if you have any questions or need financial assistance. Or stop in the main office during conferences!

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  • Friday, May 22 - Last day for Early Bird discount for 2020-2021 fees
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