Marie Antoinette

How they croaked: I did not do it on purpose

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Marie Antoinette was the princess of Austria to the tenth power.

Married Louis XVI to become Frances new queen.

  • Born on November 2, 1755

Vienna, Austria

  • Died on October 16, 1793

Paris, France

She was only 37 years old when she was killed.


Marie Antoinette was Maria Antonia of Austria till she married Louis XVI. She went to Austrian to French in one carriage. She lost all of her Austrian things like her pug, her clothes and her name. Seven years and three months later they had four children but two children died in childhood. The people didn't want to have kings anymore. They wanted to be free and equal. They were killing all the kings, queens and the wealthy to get there rights and be free. Her husband was killed by a guillotine in 1793.


Marie Antoinette was showing signs of cancer of the womb. Her joints were swollen and achy. She also fainted a lot and had convulsions. The treatment they thought would help was bringing her flowers and putting ribbon in her hair everyday and giving her mineral water instead of filthy water.


  • Chemotherapy
  • Surgery
  • Radiotherapy


Guillotine- was the new humane decapitating machine at the time. The designer was Dr. Guillotine

Jeering- People that dislike

Garters- use to keep hosiery up

Poufs- Three-foot-tall- headdresses

Convulsions- Shaking


By 1815, Kings were back in power and her body was dug up. She was reburied with her husband in Basilica of Saint Denis. Her last words were "I didn't do it on purpose."