Star Struck Project By: Supratik R. Pochampally

Some Words to Know

Kelvin: Can be abbreviated as K- Another unit of measure for temperature, generally used for hotter objects.

Luminosity: The measure of brightness that is given away by a star.'

Magnitude: The size of an object

Apparent Magnitude: The magnitude of an object in space observed with a naked eye

Absolute Magnitude: The magnitude of an object in space that is measured with tools.

Spectral Class: Spectral classes are just one of the 4 factors that allow astronomers to classify stars on an HR Diagram. The other 3 factors include Luminosity, temperature, and absolute magnitude.

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Basic Facts about Yildun

Distance from Earth: 185 light years

Color: Reddish Red Orange

Age: 820 million years

Temperature: 9400 K

Luminosity: 40 L

Absolute Magnitude: +.608

Apparent Magnitude: +4.35

Mass of Yildun: 5.2×1030 kilograms

The Yildun is in it's main sequence stage
The Spectral class Yildun is in is A1Vn

Information to Compare to

Sun’s Luminosity: ≅ 4 x 1026 W

Mass of Sun: 1.98892 x 1030 kg

Mass of Earth: 5.9736 x 1024 30

Interesting Facts

  • Yildun spins so fast, that spectral lights are blurry when analyzed.
  • Although most stars originate from Arabic, Greek, or Latin extraction, Yildun actually originates from a Turkish word for star.