Research Tools

Resources to use with students

Research Tools Website

Click here to view the Research Tools website. These resources are available to help students find quality information for class projects, help them cite sources, and search more efficiently. Find this website linked on the Nicollet website under Academics, Media Center. It is also linked on the NJH Web Tools site (left yellow sidebar of Nicollet website).
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Citing Sources is easy with EasyBib!

Nicollet has a school subscription to EasyBib

Click here to register and create a free account. All you need is an email and be sure to enter in "Nicollet" for the coupon code to get the extra features!

EasyBib is familiar to many of our 9th grade students already from previous research projects.

Bibliographies: Students can create and save bibliographies by just copying and pasting website links or entering in a book title. All of the formatting is done by EasyBib.
Notebook: Students can take notes in the virtual notecard space. These notecards can be grouped and organized by topic and linked to their sources.
Research: Students can find reliable websites by searching for sites through EasyBib. EasyBib rates the credibility of websites.

Instruction and Planning Research Projects

I would love to help you in instructing students as they begin and work through a research project. I can show students quality resources they can use, how to cite sources, and teach them effective search strategies. I can also help with planning a project and gathering resources and websites. Let me know! You can find me in the media center, call me at x2607 or email me at