Ellie's and Jorge's Science Project

Saving our natural resources by using the three R's

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The Three R's and our garden.

Reducing, reusing and recycling helps with our natural resources because they prevent pollution. A Natural Resource is a material or substance that occur in nature and can be used for services and money. Our natural resources are in danger. There is a shortage of water but there are some ways we can help. We can improve our natural resources by getting around by bicycle or using less water at home. Our project is related to the 3 R’s because you reuse water every time you use it. The holes at the bottom of the cup drains all the excess water so we can reuse and recycle it. We reduce the amount of water we used. Our product benefits the public by saving water and (hopefully) lowering water bills. Our project recycles water because of the bottom of our cups. Making it able to reuse the excess water to water it again and again.