Grade 1d News

14 November 2015

Welcome to another 1D News letter.

What a week it has been! I have spent time learning from Kathy Collins, a visiting expert teacher of reading from the U.S., along with a full day working on science curriculum development and another day carrying out reading assessments. A week like this can be unsettling for 6 and 7 year olds, but this has not been the case. A lot of the credit is due to the two fantastic assistants, Miss Pooja and Miss Mariko, who provided amazing support to the class for those two days, ensuring the kids still had a great week of learning. It is also true that the supportive school culture and great group of kids in 1D helped to make things go smoothly.

This coming week has less things going on for me, but will still include some extra reading assessments for students, as we approach the end of trimester. Please make sure they get plenty of sleep, so they can do their best in these.

In the midst of all this week's busy-ness, we still managed to add a few more photos to this week's photo folder. Please check them out.

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Coming Events in 1D and Lower Elementary school


Friday November 20 PTA Gala

Tuesday November 24 Full day of school - 3PM dismissal

Wednesday November 25 Grade One Stone Soup Thanksgiving Celebration

Thursday November 26 Thanksgiving - No School

Tuesday December 1 1st Grade Music concert

Thursday December 3 Report cards sent home electronically

Week of December 7-10 International Week

Thursday December 17 Christmas class party

December 18 - January 2 Winter Break

Making Bricks in the science lab

This week 1D students were introduced to the Science Lab for the first time this year. The procedure they followed involved combining soil, grass clippings and water, and then pressing the mixture into foil molds. These are being left to dry for a week outside the classroom and will then be examined to form before and after comparisons. For the past week it has been interesting for me to watch out my class window during break times, as groups of students have compared, discussed and studied their bricks' progress.

Students also sorted gravel into different sized pieces, in order to classify and distinguish between sand, gravel and pebbles.

School lunches

On different days this week, I have noticed some students finishing most of their food at snack time and having little or nothing left at lunch time. Where this has happened, they have generally been allowed to purchase a school lunch at lunch time rather than go hungry. Would you please check with your child about how their food is lasting them through the day?

Pick-up routines

Starting on Sunday, there will be another small change to the pick-up routines for those who don't travel on a school bus. Students in First Grade will be dismissed from the cafeteria at the regular time, but it will be from the opposite end of the cafeteria. The area we have been using will become the library for the rest of this year, while the library's regular 'home' is being renovated, so the students will leave from the end of the building closest to the soccer pitch.

​International Week T-Shirts​

​This is a gentle reminder to fill out International Week T-Shirt order forms and place them in the home-school communication folder by ​​Tuesday November 17th, please. Thank you to those who have already done this. ​

PTA Latin Dinner Dance - Friday, November 20th 2015

This is also a reminder. I don't know how many tickets are still available, but will probably need to be very quick to ensure you don't miss out:

The PTA are excited to host our annual dinner dance with this year's theme being a colorful and fun Latin night. Tickets for this event are QR350 per person.

Tickets can be purchased at the main administration.


This week - students will be introduced to the 're-telling rope' and learn about 'idea collecting' to help their conversations during partner reading. I will also continue to perform reading assessments with individuals.


This week sees the end of our 'How To' books unit. The final activities will be focusing on writing conclusions, revising and editing, before students present their work to their friends in our class and another first grade class. Students will also reflect on their work, and evaluate their achievements.


Big Ideas: Introducing making 10 and taking from 10
  • Focus on partner talk to verbalize thinking strategies

  • Relate 'counting on' to 'making ten' and 'taking from ten'

  • Solve word problems with subtraction of 9 from 10

  • Model Subtraction of 8 from teen numbers

Math Unit 2 Parent Letter

An email will follow this newsletter, containing information about the new unit in Math that we have just begun. Please read this carefully.

I am very pleased with the work of the students on the Unit 1 test too. Please sign and return those tests if you have not already done so. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions as well.


This week we will continue exploring Earth materials:

  • Make and separate home made soil in the science lab
  • Explore the uses of Earth materials in the world around us