Students Help Save Our Oceans!

The Under The Sea And Me Foundation

Students give a helping hand!

Year 7 students at a local primary school have signed up to help research and raise awareness of some issues our oceans are facing in 2014.

Students undergo training from the Under The Sea And Me Foundation, where they research issues such like the impacts of recreational fishing. Students will also learn about the deadly Crown of Thorns Starfish, underwater food chains, as well as the relationships sea animals share.

The whole program is conducted online. The Foundation created an interactive Webquest for students to complete.

Web designer Lauren MacAulay said "The webquest is fun and exciting for the kids, but is also a really valuable tool for educating the younger generation about the ocean. Its so fun that even i want to do it!"

If you want to get involved, visit for more information

About The Foundation

The Under The Sea And Me Foundation is committed to educating Australia's children about the ocean in a fun and exciting way. We are sharing our love and passion for the ocean with the country, one child at a time

Carly and Lauren