Are these chips TOO delicious?

By Tezyah

Central Idea

the central idea of this article is that people are wondering if chips are too good, like even though the food may be delicious, it can be bad for our health.

Main Idea #1

The modern flavor industry got its start in the 1950s. Back then, if you wanted a cookie, it either had to be baked or you had to go to the bakery, now all you have to do is go to the supermarket and buy a pack of cookies. This is possible because of PRESERVATIVES

Food with chemicals and preservatives will last longer but will YOU?!?!

Main Idea #2

Many of the food we love is the most unhealthiest.

Potato chips: loaded with fat and salt

Cookies & Juice: packed with sugar

some people think that food companies like Nabisco® purposely make their foods irresistible.