Giran Interventions

For vibrant, resilient, sustainable & smart neighborhoods

What is Giran?

Giran is a collaborative network of civic and built environment - organizations & responsible businesses. Members of the network provide community services to neighborhood residents through their core activities within environmental, social, cost effectiveness, quality and transparency standards.

This network is very much needed not only because of the world urbanization problem and infrastructure & environment stresses of big cities, but also in countries where governments fail to deliver proper public services. That leaves Public open spaces and environment in a volitle state. Which reflects on resident's quality of livelihood and the economic value of their residential properties.

The network outreach and community engagement is based on a digitalized neighborhood platform (Giran -mobile app.) In addition to the accompanied social development - activities, which are done collaboratively by the network members.

Intervention programs.

Parallel to the community engagement in the platform online, we also co-design programs and awareness campaigns with our strategic partners, using community organizing - practices. Besides, mobilizing resources between residents, civic organizations, public and private sector.