My Bud Christmas

By:Tabor Bryson

One day I was sitting on the half empty shelf at Toys R Us. lonely and miserable because nobody wanted me. Being the last one on the shelf was not fun and was totally embarrassing. Then all of a sudden when I least expected it someone came and bought me. He gave me to a loveable happy little boy. We did everything together. Life was so exciting because we went places together. He even took me on playdates to the playground at the park. My favorite thing to do at the park was swing and go down the long winding slide. When it was night time he let me sleep beside him and kept me safe. Then as the little boy grew older he didn't seem to care about me anymore. The playdates at the park stopped and he didn't let me sleep beside him anymore. I was put in a box and put in the attic; left feeling miserable all over again.