MES Family Connections Newsletter

School Newsletter for Week of October 26, 2020

Dear Man Elementary,

Happy Halloween! We hope all our families have a great Halloween this week. We are sad that we are not able to invite our families down to participate in a Halloween march-like in the past. Our teachers have some fun activities planned for this week. We will take photos and post on our school's Facebook page.

MES is winding down the first grading period. We have a week left before the grading period ends. Please work with your child's teacher to ensure they have been completing assignments and participating in class. There is a short tutorial posted on our Facebook page on how to check Google Classroom for missing assignments.

This week we will be taking school pictures on Tuesday and Thursday. If your child is fully virtual you may bring him/her to the school either day at 10 a.m. On Monday and Friday our teachers will be celebrating Halloween with the students. Students may wear their costumes to class!

We are looking forward to a great week of learning at Man Elementary School!


Doug Barrett

Principal, Man Elementary School

October Dates!

Picture Day: October 27 and 29th (Full virtual students may come in either day at 10 a.m. if they could like their photo taken)

Halloween Activities: Monday, October 26 and Friday, October 30th (students may wear costumes to school) This includes our fully virtual students!

Veteran's Day Video

In November, we are going to make a video honoring the Veterans in our community. We are dedicating this video to the Veterans in our student's families. If you would like your family member included in the video, please email us their picture. Please include the student's name, the Veteran's name, branch they served, and relationship to the student. You can email these pictures to Mr. Barrett at

Micro-Society: Election

It is an exciting time at Pioneerville! November is the election season. Students who which to run for government have been working on campaign speeches. The students have a lot of exciting ideas about ways to improve Pioneerville. Classrooms are working on brainstorming ideas for ventures and businesses.

Habit of the week: Begin with the end in Mind!

Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind

* I plan ahead and set goals for myself

* I am prepared at all times.

* I think about how the choices I make now will affect my future.

* I think about the positive or negative consequences for my action before I act.

Hard Work Happening @ MES :)

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