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Eighth Graders Attend National Storytelling Festival

Eighth graders had a fantastic time at the National Storytelling Festival on October 2. We traveled to Jonesborough, TN and spent the entire day listening to some great life stories from some truly passionate and talented storytellers. AIG students in each grade will go on at least two field trips each year with the goal to extend and enrich their learning in the classroom.

Here's what a few students had to say about their trip...

I was lucky enough to able to attend The National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee through the AIG program at my school. We heard many wonderful storytellers including Donald Davis, Charlotte Blake Alston, Bil Lepp and others. My personal favorite was Sheila Arnold Jones, who performed three different stories. She told two hilarious stories about her experiences growing up and her relationship with her sister and the third story was a folk tale about a dog who protected his family. I especially enjoyed the story she told about she and her younger sister playing monopoly together.I spoke to her after her performance, and we talked about younger siblings and I thanked her for her amazing performance. I am so happy that I was able to speak to my favorite teller and I had a great time at the festival.

-Maeve G.

Two weeks ago The 8th grade AIG attended the national storytelling festival in Jonesburough Tennessee. We enjoyed walking around and listening to fun and creative stories. As we listened we munched on pizza, funnel cakes, and other delicious food. The festival was fun and enjoyable and would do it again in a heartbeat.

-Gabriel G.

I wasn't so sure if I would enjoy the Storytelling Festival, but I signed up for it anyway-it was something new, and I was curious. Still, I'm glad I went. All of the storytellers were hilarious, especially Bil Lepp, who makes you laugh at every line he says. He was probably my favorite.

-Erisa H.

All sixth graders will take the Cognitive Abilities Test November 2 - 6! An informational letter will be arriving in the mail.


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Gifted Education Resource Review for Parents


The National Association for Gifted Children has some incredible online resources and print publications available for purchase. Take a look at their parent resource page for more information about gifted.

Book: A Parent's Guide to Gifted Children

This book is one of the most comprehensive books out there for parents of gifted students. In it you'll find information about academic and social/emotional needs, as well as strategies to help you support your gifted child.