Hannah Hildreth

Creative Mind Poems

Baby self

H-Happy days all the time

A-Apple juice for lunch

N-Naps in the afternoon

N-Not going down for my nap makes me grumpy.

A-Always playing with my brother

H-Hanging with my imaginary friends

H-Having to sleep with my stuffed animal Kitty

I-Interested in Barbies

L-Learning how to swim

D-Driving with my mom to put me to sleep.

R-Riding in the car to the park

E-Eating baloney when I’m hungry

T-Toys that broke when I played with them to long.

H-Having a blast with my pets


The bright blazing sun shinning down,
the birds talking about the worms they caught earlier.

Salty water wash up onto the sand,
the juicy tomatoes right from the ground.

The heat beat down on me
from the sun.
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Life Is Like a Ocean

Life is like an ocean
filled with mysteries,
and can be peaceful.
When a storm hits you may fall.

The sun may shine
and we will smile.
The happiest will shortly be gone when the waves take over.

Kitten the Fish

The oil spill was tragic,
the most amazing thing happened
to kitten the fish.

Kitten was immune to the poison,
she started to turn different colors.
She couldn't show her face to anyone,
many fishes thought she was ugly.

Kitten loved to roam in the sea but,
how could she go in public when she looked like trash.
She may never get over her fear,
she may never know that she is truly beautiful .
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Elegy to - my Grandma Audrey

When you passed, I was heart broken
My father told me and my brother later that day.
I was reading 'Snow White" to you,
I loved when i use to read to you.

I remember when you thought the glass turtle was real,
and you told me to give the turtle some water.
When we went to knots berry farm, you insisted on getting your jelly.
You and I had the best times together.

I am delighted you're in heaven,
You are no longer in pain.
I know you watch over me while I grow up.
I wish I could have just one more hug.

Ode to- The Beach

We get into the car ready to go for swim
Me and my brother all packed up.
In the back seat, we plan what we will do,
and thinking of what we'll see.

Arriving at the beach, we hurry up to get to the sand
We all reach the water taking baby steps.
I was nominated "First into the water"
The wave pulled me in, I was gone.

I could taste the salt, and what I think was pee,
The wave was way to strong than me.
The current of the wave got weaker.
I was up, I pulled through it.
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My Brother and I

My brother and I hangout in the house,
the attempts and the fails
had us laughing all day.


  • Sounds- They may be wonderful or painful to the ear.
  • Teacher- She never uses proper English, she has laughing all day.
  • Learning - We learn new music, we have to try and make it tell a story using the lyrics.
  • Choir-Can be the happiest place, I am glad I am in choir.

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Grown Up Self

H- House that's really big
A- Accomplishment I have made
N- New car every year
N- Never giving up
A- A successful inter designer
H- Horses in the back yard

H- Husband that's funny and smart
I- I want to be an inter designer
L- Loving two children
D- Devoted mother
R- Rich and happy
E- Everlasting love from my husband
T- Two children boy, and girl
H- Happy family dinners