20% project

By: Hanna Aszmann

what is my project

My 20% project is more than a project to me it is life lesson and making others futures brighter by me making donations, making care package and giving homeless youth a head start by getting them ready for jobs. The reason why i choice this project is because i know how it feels not to have a lot of things and have struggles. I have had people help me get back on my feet now its my turn to help others with there struggle and be the person they can talk to and understand. So far i have gotten about 12 boxes of clothes and winter jackets and made 3 care package to homeless people i see on the road to give. i will continue this project till the end.

what is the link

For more than 20 years the link has provided support to at risk youth in the Twin Cities. Their programs reach out to youth and families when truancy homelessness, or involvement in the juvenile legal system is putting youth at risk. By providing case management services to youth who are truant, homeless or in trouble with the law. they currently serve over 3,300 at- risk youth each year.

The Link has three programs area

  • housing and supportive services for homeless youth and homeless young parents and children
  • positive alternative programs in juvenile justice
  • shelter, housing and supportive services for sexually exploited youth.

Impact on me and others

This project has impacted me greatly and others such as my family, friends, even teacher and the people i am helping by doing project. I know how it feels not to have a lot of things and give up things and help others and myself. This project has change my life and hopefully will change others. People make mistakes we are all human. we are united we stand together as one.
Helping The Homeless Compilation 2015

challenges i have faced

some of the challenges i have with this project is setting up appointments and filling out paper work so i can start volunteering at one of the homeless shelters next month. Another problem i have had with this project is recording everything i have and having people give me donations so i can give to the link or make care packages.