90'S Weapon manufactoring

By:Logan Taylor

What we did in the 90's

The United States of America would go on in the 90's and adopt the Glock 22. And would invent the M16A4 the M4 Carbian

Glock 22

KCPD Sergeant Matt Taylor says that the Glock is the most accurate and durable and easy to take apart and clean. I would have to agree because I have seen my dad take apart his Glock and it takes him 12 minutes to clean it. I would also agree with my dad about how accurate it is because I have shoot it.

Glock durability

M4 Carbine

Came into the military in 1994 and is still in use today.
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Ultimate Glock Torture Test


Came into the military in 1990 and is still in use today