The Glass Castle: Social issues

By: MaryElle Michael

Mental illness

"Genetics environment and lifestyle combine to influence whether someone develops a mental condition. A stressful job or home life makes some people more susceptible, as do a traumatic life events like being the victim of a crime." This relates to Rose Mary because she has bipolar disorder. One day she only wants to think positive thoughts for the rest of her life. Then the next day she's in bed ina dark room, sobbing and mopping about how miserable her life is.

Civil disobediance

Civil disobediance is a public, non-violent and conscientas breach of law undertaken with the aim of bringing a change in laws or government policies.

Certain features of civil disobedience seem vital not only to its impact on societies and governments, but also to its status as a potential justifiable breach of law. This relates to Rex walls because when its time for him to pay taxes or morgage he moves to the next place.


"One type of alcoholic is the belligerent type who is verbally abusive and is consistently looking for an arguement. The recipient of these attacks is exposed to high degrees of verbal and emotional abuse."

This relates to Rex because after he drinks he becomes a totally different person and snaps at everybody.


They could have helped her and her family by providing them funds, housing and great care. This program relates to the welfare that offers them great opportunities to have a nice life.


In some ways they neglect the laws because they don't try hard enough to provide them with food, shelter, and care. Some examples are that their dad spends his money on alcohol and cigarettes rather than acceptable clothes, shelter, and food.