Rhode Island Colony

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Jobs and Trade

If you come to North America. Go to the Rhode Island Colony. So many jobs are here like servants, tradesman, sailors fishers, and manual workers. So many jobs. If you become a tradesman you can trade fur, drinks, livestock products, timber, maple syrup, copper, fish, and horses. There are only servants, no slavery. The best place to go to!


Its in the North. By the Atlantic Ocean. Right next to the colonies Connecticut and Massachusetts. In the New England region. The other colonies in the New England region are Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. The climate here is 47 degrees.
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The religious group is the Puritans. If you have another religion, don't worry if you have another religion. There is religious freedom.


The founder Roger Williams lives here. Also lots of other regular families. Also if you come you will live there.

About The Colonies

The founder is William Rogers. Rhode Island was founded 1636. New Hampshire was founded 1629. Connecticut was founded 1636. Massachusetts was founded 1638. Rhode Island was founded for religious freedom. New Hampshire was founded under English grant. Massachusetts was founded, because people wanted to start a colony. Connecticut was founded for religious freedom. Rhode Island is the best colony to go to, because their's more space and warmer than other colonies in the New England region, and You can get a living off of fish. Get that in your brain and get out of England.