Using Ms. Bregel's Library

Discovering the "Write" Book for You

During 10th grade English, everyone will be required to read several books of your personal choosing. The library in room 314 is available for your use. Students may check out books throughout the year. This handy guide will help you find a book you may enjoy and learn how to properly check out the book. Happy reading!
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Finding the Genre for You. So...What is a "Genre"?

A genre is a category. Books are divided into categories based on content. The categories can help a reader identify the content of a piece of literature. All genres in literature fall under the two main genres of FICTION and NON FICTION. Genres do not just exist in literature. Music, movies, etc. are also categorized in this way.
Genres of Literature


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Using the Identifying Stickers

Each book is marked with a sticker on the inside front cover. Using the Google Doc above and the identifiers on the bookshelves, you can identify your book's genre and return your book to the proper place. Like genres are shelved together to help you find other books that interest you!
How Do I Find My Genre?!

Click on this link to visit a Google Doc with identifying stickers!

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Checking Out and Returning Your Novel

Hooray! You now know how to use the library. As always, read responsibly.

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